FAIR TRADE : At least that's what they say....
What is «Fair trade»? These pages examine the issues. page 7.
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    Therefore, «Fairtrade» certified cotton articles means that the growers of the raw cotton are supposed to be protected according to the rules – but the processing of the cotton into yarn, weaving, and the tailoring is not at all checked.     It is thus possible to have «Fairtrade» branded products that are actually made in conditions which are very far from «fair» in any common understanding of that word.
    Yet most of the sales price for these articles is actually processing and marketing (plus profits), none of which is usually subject to any «Fair-trade» checking.
    Processed «Fairtrade» food articles (as well as some textile articles) are generally made in European factories, although from specified raw materials where conditions in the farm or plantation are supposed to be monitored through the audits of the Fairtrade Foundation network.



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