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N altogether different approach to trade is «alternative marketing» – marketing for social change.

Begun in the 1960s, the idea behind alternative marketing organizations was to....

Upsidedown from normal traders, these organizations are supposed to work to find and build marketing solutions upwards from the needs of producers in economically stressed places.

Put simply, they were to focus firstly on the producer in preference to the product, and in preference to profiting shareholders.

Instead of building up the power, authority and finances of trader families or companies, these alternatives were to choose source organizations that belong to the actual producers – organizations such as workers' cooperatives, and artisans' associations.

Alternative marketing companies are supposed to actively promote higher earnings for producers, and concern themselves with the total wellbeing of producer communities.

When successful, the result is a radical sustained partnership for the common good.

With the right support from the alternative marketing community, working people in social collectives receive prices they themselves have set as necessary for a proper life; skill is recognized and encouraged; and these cooperatives put profits into programmes for the wellbeing of their worker-members, and often the wider community.

Trade arrangements like this can very effectively contribute towards building a better world.



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