FAIR TRADE : At least that's what they say....
What is «Fair trade»? These pages examine the issues. page 6.
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    Any company can have their products branded with the «Fairtrade» mark so long as they can show fulfilment of a number of auditable criteria that include some basic human rights for growers, fixed pre-agreed prices for commodities, and social provisions paid for by means of a social premium.
    To carry the «Fairtrade» mark, brand owners also have to pay a licensing fee to the owners of the «Fairtrade» brand (in the UK that is the Fairtrade Foundation, which in turn is controlled by certain large NGOs and self-styled «fair trade» companies).
    Permission to use the mark is only given when the fairtrade labelling organization is satisfied that sourcing arrangements comply with their standards and approved producers.
    But it is very important to understand that the mark generally only considers the raw materials within a product, and not the onward production process – even though that is where most of the value of finished products is added.



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