FAIR TRADE : At least that's what they say....
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It seems that many merchants and shoppers do not realize that when they demand low prices it is individual workers who pay the difference. Workers' earnings are cut – often to less that what is recognized as minimum survival standards.
See ILO report
Retail Week report illustrating downward pressure on prices
The Guardian reports on the human situation behind High Street labels
The Guardian reports on injust work conditions in the Bangladesh garments industry
The issue of
«bonded labourers» in India (BBC)
Fair trade?

    People often talk enthusiastically about fair trade, but how realistic is it to make this claim?
    In a grossly unfair world, to claim that any trade is «fair» is a big statement.


    The assertion is all the more interesting considering that it is probably trade, more than anything else, that has created so much inequality and injustice for the world's people.



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