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The working principles of

Since 1979, these have been the basic ground rules of our work:

1. All articles come from partner enterprises which strive to build up the quality of life of the community. These enterprises are workers' associations or cooperatives, societies for the common good, or are generally accountable to the community.
Why cooperatives?

2. Articles are finished products, significantly hand made.

3. Articles are an expression of the style or cultural tradition of the makers, so far as market conditions allow.

4. Articles are of good quality, well designed and carefully made.

5. Articles are made with respect for the integrity of creation. Materials and processes are selected with regard to their environmental impact.

6. Articles are to enhance the quality of life of the customer.

7. All producers are paid equitably a realistic rate for the job which, as a minimum, takes account of the local cost of living and the skill involved.

8. Working hours and the work environment are consistent with the wellbeing of producers.

9. One Village adds «Community extra» to prices when market conditions allow and when producers' organizations are able and willing to use this extra payment effectively to benefit the social progress and wellbeing of the community.

10. Products are sold in ways which honour producers and customers, and which enhance public appreciation of the craft, and of the skill and humanity of the producers.

11. There is continuity of selling, so far as producers wish to sell and market conditions allow.

Solidarity &

12. Payments are made not later than due times. Working capital is advanced to producers when appropriate and when resources allow.

13. The business is run efficiently and effectively in line with principles outlined here, legitimate business costs and salaries are paid, and any remaining profits are re-invested for the common good in work consistent with these objectives and principles.

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