FAIR TRADE : At least that's what they say....
What is «Fair trade»? These pages examine the issues. page 11.
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    Despite inaccurate use of the claim «fair trade», it is appropriate to celebrate those places where the promotion of fair trade has helped to encourage employers to improve conditions for workers, and helped to lift growers and workers off the poverty line.

But practitioners rarely make any attempt to change the overall regime under which production and marketing is taking place.

    With few exceptions, the principal purpose of that regime remains the making of profits for shareholders and increasing the capital value of their businesses.
    Claims that this prevailing system of trade is «fair» will probably help companies to improve their public image and sales performance, which in turn will help make firms more successful in their primary purpose of making more profits.
    But what happens to the profits is that the wealth of owners and of senior executives increases at a much higher rate than the earnings of producers and other workers.



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