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Welcome to One Village Wholesale Network

One Village Wholesale offers retailers distinctive collections of craft made articles that are not available elsewhere.

Across our ranges are exclusive examples of quality craftsmanship rooted in the traditions of the artisans but presented in a contemporary form with widespread international appeal.

Rich in their expression of craft, One Village articles are primarily functional.

One Village is «The social choice» where all products come directly from workers' cooperatives and progressive NGOs. Founded as a wholesaler in 1979, One Village works to build up communities through its total commitment to supportive partnerships with producer social enterprises.

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ONE VILLAGE began as a wholesale service – back in 1979 – and all our products are available on trade terms for those retail shops that are able to buy from us in volumes.
    We also make products available for selected printed mail-order catalogues but not normally for online shops.

If you are a retailer with a physical «bricks and mortar» shop, or printed mail-order catalogue, and would like to add our products to your shop collection, please make contact with us.

New customers, please call our head office 01608 811811.

    Then simply post, fax, or email your order to us (don't do this online).
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    We'll respond with a pro-forma invoice. Within days, you can be selling our collection from your shop!

This website is the most comprehensive source of published product information and illustration. Our product catalogue is extensive and begins right here online
(there is
no print version).

    Our trade pricelist is only a list, and that is provided in printed form – not online. The article names and numbers in the list correspond with those shown alongside the pictures and detailed information here in the website.
    The list is sent to regular trade customers. Our latest published trade pricelist is dated November 1, 2019 (prices are significantly affected by the international value of the pound and might have been revised since).
    Our trade prices are such that most products can be sold at the same retail prices shown in this website whilst making the normal retailer margin.

Our policy on prices

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To see all the available product, and check our quality standards, the best thing is to come to our own RETAIL SHOP
One Village Worldshop
in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

All available articles are on display at the shop, and a visit will provide a demonstration of a suggested retail format. We only have our own lines in the shop – so there is in this collection enough to run a complete store without going anywhere else! The product range is coordinated with an overall look, holding all together.

If you are planning a visit, please phone us beforehand so we can try to have someone from the Wholesale Department on hand to welcome you. You'll enjoy the visit – Woodstock is only 7 miles from Oxford, and also home of splendid Blenheim park and palace. There's the Oxfordshire County Museum, and lots of places to eat.



Our policy on prices....

    Whenever you source from One Village, you will enjoy exceptional value for money.
    That is not a claim that we are necessarily the cheapest – although customers tell us that we often are. What you get from us is intelligent design, expertly made, at a sensible and workable price.
    Everyone knows that quality standards vary from one company to another. The point to realize is that when products are specifically made to a low price you can be pretty certain that quality will not be good.
    This is tragic because:
    For most final customers, product attraction and quality is more important than price;
    Making bad quality results in an erosion of craft skills (once lost, they may be gone for ever);
    Craft makers are not properly rewarded for their skill and this means human problems for the makers and their families. Who really wants to be part of that trade?

    At One Village, we work direct with craftspeople organized in cooperatives and artisans' societies, where everyone has a share in the success of the business; or where the makers are beneficiaries of social enterprises for the common good.     We actually set out to build up the quality of life of the producers and their communities.
    This involves serious concern for working conditions and rewards, and for continuity into the future. People making for One Village will earn, by local comparisons, a very satisfactory income for their creativity.
    And by their participation in cooperatives and societies, they have a right to decisions about who benefits from business profits.

    Improvement of craft skill is also an essential part of our practice to «build people up».     Concern for the future includes proper regard for the future of natural materials and the natural environment.
    Elsewhere, so often these are sacrificed in the interests of low price.

    But One Village cannot trade in isolation from competition. We make sure our price to you is sensible by streamlining our supply arrangements and systems, and cutting back on margins.     We avoid the normal chain of regional and national middlemen and trading families (and their profits), working instead in partnership directly with the community organizations where our products are made.
    In this way we bring to you a better product for less cost.
    Join our network of retailers ... have the right commercial products, and do the right thing.



«One Village: Inexpensive and good quality»
    Daily Telegraph Magazine
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Fair trade?
One Village was one of the founders of BAFTS, but withdrew its membership when members decided that the persuit of social progress need not be the foundation of what it regards as fair trade.
For how One Village does it please click to The social choice.
For further pages of information and commentary about «fair trade», please click HERE.


Shining day cushion cover, 40cm square, article #08875

Silvery night cushion cover, 40cm square, article #08876

Find these products in our Cushions department. Click HERE to go there.

Studies show that beautiful aromas are important to uplift the spirit, but have you thought that incense would be out of place in your shop?
    Our ONE AROMATICS is pure incense made only from the finest essential oils extracted from plants and flowers and natural wood resins.
    The incense is presented in hand made paper envelopes with contemporary graphics that set the tone for this outstanding quality product.
    This attractive counter-top display helps. It has a neat footprint only 31cm wide x 26cm deep (35cm tall), and comes already filled with 10 envelopes each x 12 fragrances.
One Aromatics, Filled complete display unit: article #12626

Click HERE to One Aromatics.

Many thanks once again for your lovely, quality products
P, Narberth/Pembrokeshire

So young, dynamic, and fresh
a-i, Utrecht

You are the best
S, Barcelona

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