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A solution for summer doorways

Commonly called «bead curtains»...but ours are neither «common» nor are they «beads». Choose from 2 designs:

Bamboo curtain (in choice of 2 lengths)

Walk-through curtains like these make good-looking and effective screens: for example, separating living and work areas.

For open doorways, these curtains are very popular in summertime to reduce invasions of birds, flies and other insects whilst doors are open to fresh air.

Walk-through curtains made of combinations of bamboo and seeds.

Made in the Philippines from natural materials. The seeds are «tigbi» seeds (a kind of grass that grows in and alongside streams), and «ipil-ipil» seeds (used traditionally to brew a kind of coffee).

Our walk-through curtains are heavy enough to hang properly (some elsewhere are so flimsy they blow all over in the breeze, a nuisance and not very effective).

Two designs, both 180cm drop x maximum 90cm wide. Extra long 200cm size also available in chunky Bamboo design. Fits most doorways. For wider spaces, simply hang two or more side by side.

Our flexible tops mean you can easily reduce the width by simply not stretching the top straight. When necessary, this arrangement also allows the curtains to follow a curve, such as in an arched doorway.

Stripes curtain

Installation is very easy and straightforward:
Along the top of the curtain are five rings made of plaited vine. All you need to do is space out five simple cuphooks (from the hardware shop), or even five large headed nails, across the doorframe or other support. Then just hang the curtain! Done.
No problem if the width is less than 90cm: Space out the hooks and hang the curtain as described. Instead of straight, the top line will fall curved between the hanging points, and the upright strands of the curtain will naturally come closer together.   For wider than 90cm, hang two or more curtains side by side.
To screen an open space below ceiling level in a room, you can use nylon fishing thread to suspend from firm fixings in the ceiling into the five rings.
An alternative arrangement is to push a thin bar (such as a thin bamboo stake from the hardware shop or garden centre) through the plaited vine rings.

Walk-through curtains....

We present a choice of two designs:


Bamboo curtain provides the most effective screen to reduce a view. With short sections of undyed bamboo arranged horizontally, this is a chunky screen, but the less easy to negotiate if used in a doorway.
180cm drop x 90cm wide
if fully stretched.

Walk-through curtain, bamboo approx 3.25kilos


Bamboo curtain Extra-long is the same chunky curtain as above except 200cm long (x 90cm wide).

Walk-through curtain, bamboo,
approx 4kilos


Our Stripes design has a lighter and more transparent look, but no less effective for summer doorways. Short sections of undyed bamboo arranged vertically, plus small tigbi-grass seeds (naturally grey or brown) and tiny ipil-ipil seeds (dark brown).
180cm drop x 90cm wide
if fully stretched.

Walk-through curtain, stripes approx 1.25kilos


Too long?
For shorter lengths, it is easy to shorten the curtain:
1. The bamboo and seeds are threaded onto cords. To shorten the length, cut the cord right at the bottom then slide off all the unwanted bamboo and seeds. 2. You then have a long length of cord which is easy to re-knot higher up at your required length. That's it !

Too wide?
No problem – See installation notes above.

Not wide enough?
Hang two or more curtains side by side (click here for illustrations).

Not long enough?
As a screen to reduce flies and birds entering a room, there is usually no necessity for the curtain to actually brush the floor!
But if you do need a longer curtain, check our Walk-through curtain, bamboo, Extra-long (above). That one is 200cm long.

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Thank you very much: The bamboo curtains are smashing – just what we needed to screen off the kitchen area from the dining room without losing vocal and sensory contact. The quality is good and we are very happy to have found your company."
T & A A, Oban





"I'm so proud that
my making these curtains
for One Village
has paid to get my
two children throgh college"
– cooperative member,
Muñoz, Philippines

Our Walk-through curtains are made at a workers' cooperative in the Philippines. Here are bamboo chips and tigbi seeds at the co-op, ready for making the curtains.


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