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Bar of sandalwood soap

Bar of neem soap

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Bar of sandalwood soap
Sandalwood soap

Bar of neem soap
Neem soap




Straightaway, when you use this soap, you will know from the feel and texture this is true wholesome soap like no other.

The construction of One Village Soap is radically different. Here is the way to properly clean and do good for your skin.

Instead of «tallow» (animal fats), instead of SLS or the latest chemical compounds (dare to study the ingredients list on soap made by our competitors), instead of artificial fragrances – choose triple-milled One Village Soap.

Premium soap with more goodness and free from dubious ingredients.
Sandalwood or Neem.

Beautiful soap! Nothing else compares."
– D W, Bristol

I have a passion for really good soap and this gorgeous soap is the best I have had."
– F A, Prestatyn

All natural ingredients.
100% vegetarian; 100% vegan.

Each of our two soaps has a structure unique to itself.

Unlike most soap makers, we do not remove the glycerine that is formed within our good soap-making process. The beneficial glycerine (entirely from non-animal sources) remains in our soap to enhance the moisturizing qualities.

Our soap balances a Ph value between 9.7-10.5 (to ensure effective cleaning), is rich in glycerine (for excellent moisturizing) and has a very high content of beneficial natural vegetable oils (read more about those below).

This soap does not include sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a known skin and eye irritant probably present in most other soaps. And certainly no parabens, no triclosan, no antibacterial chemicals, no ammonium – and no microbeads (those tiny plastic skin exfoliants that are polluting the rivers, lakes and oceans). As well as avoiding all that, our soap is also entirely free from artificial perfume compounds.

Congratulations on a great product!
I can't believe how nourished my skin feels!
This is the first winter for as long as I can remember that I have not needed to use hand cream.
I think I prefer the neem soap but it's a tough call as both are superb. You have a customer for life."
– J A, Oldham

My GP recommended this soap for my itchy skin, and I think it is brilliant!"
– G L, Gairloch/Geôrrloch, Scotland
The best soap I have ever used.
Fantastic; absolutely wonderful"
– K A, Inverness

I must say that your soaps are just unbelievable! Probably one of the best products I've bought in the last years. The two kinds of soap that you sell are both wonderful to my previously dry and very problematic skin. Being them both biodegradable and animal friendly they are just what I've been searching for years."
– G B, London

Without doubt, the best soap in the world: feels wonderful with real sandalwood scent and lasts for ages."
– K W, Haverfordwest

Sandalwood soap

One Village Sandalwood is made by combining 80/20 two nourishing vegetable oils – rice bran and distilled coconut oil. We then add generous helpings of both authentic sandalwood essence and fine sandalwood powder.

Expensive authentic sandalwood powder and oil.

For the skin, real sandalwood's woody, intense scent is soothing and revitalizing, and it is an effective antiseptic and emollient. Holistically, sandalwood fragrance is a natural energizer.

Sandalwood soap ingredients: Rice bran oil (hydrogenated), Coconut oil, Water, Glycerine, Sandalwood oil extract (enhanced), Sandalwood powder. Less than 0.002%: Citric acid, Sodium hydroxide, Zinc oxide, Sodium chloride.
How we make the soap

One Village Sandalwood soap:
article #12682 · Barcode 5060406886825

ANDALWOOD has grown in India for at least 2,500 years and the tree is one of the oldest known sources of perfume. It is mentioned in many ancient Indian texts.
Sandalwood trees flourish from sea level up to 1,800 metres, and trees growing on stony or gravel soils are the ones with the best fragrance. Also, the fragrance increases as trees grow older. Our sandalwood comes from Tamilnadu, where the government has encouraged new sandalwood plantations. All our sandalwood comes from government managed sources. Many people depend on sandalwood for their livelihoods. Artificial sandalwood fragrance (from chemicals) is often used in products by commercial companies – but the qualities of artificial sandalwood are not the same as authentic sandalwood used in One Village soap and incense.
We think that it is always better to use authentic sandalwood rather than an artificial chemical that tries merely to imitate the smell of the real thing.
In any case, the aroma is only one part of the bounty this wood shares with us. But because nature never allows two pieces of sandalwood to be precisely identical, it might sometimes be possible to detect variation in colour as well as the intensity of sandalwood fragrance.

I have used vegetable oil soap for many years, usually Body Shop, but your sandalwood soap is a revelation."
– S P, East Finchley

All of my friends and family are getting sandalwood soap for Christmas – the most gorgeous soap I've ever experienced!"
– L M McC, Widnes

Previously bought your soap in a local farmers'
market. – Best sandalwood soap we've ever had."
– W R, Rochester

I was pleased as punch to get the package from you the day after I ordered it. It smells divine and I love it. As a frequent traveller to India I am used to neem tree products and the Mysore sandalwood soap – but One Village products are superior by a long chalk! I wash my hair with the neem bar and it lathers up and rinses off very well. To say I am pleased with the product would be an under-statement. Your soap – I use no other!"
– D F, Seaton

I purchased your sandalwood soap in a shop in Edinburgh and fell in love."
– T C, Wakefield
I can't find anything comparable here in the States. I LOVE your soap. Great product!"
– G A F, Panama,
New York

The two soaps sandalwood and neem are absolutely lovely. They have a wonderful smell and texture and I think the neem is already improving the mild psoriasis on my hands.
    I have already recommended them to two of my friends – one a vegan and another with a dislike of 'commercial soaps'. Your organization obviously helps less privileged communities than ours and that sounds like an extremely good idea; long may it continue.
    It was my lucky day when I spotted your advertisement."
– P W, Hindhead

Neem soap

One Village Neem is almost 50% neem oil from the seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica). – Neem: the natural oil known in India as «the village pharmacy» because of its far-reaching benefits for skin and for wellbeing. Neem is one of nature's truly remarkable oils; it has been valued for centuries.

Neem tree & seeds
[Click for closer look]

To best retain all its natural qualities, our neem oil is extracted from the seeds by pressing. Our oil is then carefully filtered but it is not refined.

In our neem soap we also add mohua oil (from Bassia latifolia) (more than 12% of the soap).
The healing properties of this natural oil help to restore skin flexibility.

Our careful blend results in a wonderful soap for all skin. Both neem and mohua oils are rich in nourishments and this composition can help protect skin from infections.

The universal soap for everyone.

Neem is especially recommended to work against eczema, acne, and problem dry skin, including situations where other soaps are not normally acceptable. In India, neem is commonly described as «the destroyer of all ailments»! Neem is nature’s comforting moisturizer.

Our neem soap also includes nearly 2% pure natural citronella – a lemon-scented oil that has anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and other benefits. It is an aromatic energizer. In the tropics, natural citronella is also appreciated as an effective insect repellent and in our soap it helps neutralize aroma. Palm and coconut oils also contribute to this excellent soap.

Palm oil? Yes, palm oil! All our palm oil is grown in India. It comes from Andhra Pradesh: from independently-owned 2-hectare smallholdings belonging to local farmers. Ours is not «rain forest» palm oil but instead helps to sustain very small family farms which struggle with low-grade soil said to be not suitable for much else. Of all vegetable oils, palm gives the highest oil yield per hectare – so growing a different vegetable oil crop would actually need more land. Processing our oil is done in an Andhra Pradesh government plant which buys from and supports the independent growers.

Neem soap ingredients: Neem oil, Palm oil, Mohua oil, Coconut oil, Coconut oil extract, Water, Glycerine, Natural Citronella. Less than 0.002%: Citric acid, Sodium hydroxide, Zinc oxide, Sodium chloride.   How we make the soap
One Village Neem soap:
article #12686 · Barcode 5060406886863

I have been suffering for years with skin problems and have tried all the so-called gentle soaps to no avail. I have been to my doctor, again to no avail. However, since using this neem soap all my problems have disappeared. A real miracle product which should be recommended by all hospitals and doctor's surgeries."
– B R M, Chipperfield, Hertfordshire

Your neem soap was recommended to me by someone who had suffered from a serious skin rash for many years and found your neem soap cleared all in a very short time. I too have suffered five years from a most painful rash and seen numerous dermatologists who have prescribed all kinds of skin lotions and creams to no avail. By contrast, your neem soap has amazingly freed me from all this unpleasant rash and discomfort. I thoroughly recommend it."
– K M, Aberystwyth

Please send me more One Village Neem soap. I have found it extremely good. The skin on my face has ceased to be dry and flaky. I am very pleased."
– J B, Glen Parva, Leicestershire

The best product I have ever used on my skin. I usually suffer from contact dermatitis with detergents and soaps of any kind – but not with this product."
– E C, London

The neem soap is so good for my mother and granddaughter's eczema."
– R H E, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
I like the soap
very much."
– T C W,

The neem soap has really helped calm down the rosacea on my face. Each bar lasts ages, and makes my skin feel so clean and healthy. Thank you!"
– W L B, Halifax

On holiday I saw this soap in a shop and thought of my sister who for many years has been plagued with psoriasis. She has used the soap and the difference is phenomenal, so I am now buying her more."
– M W, Kilmarnock

Choose clean and good-looking hair without the use of all those chemicals contained in shampoos and plastic bottles.
Try One Village Neem Soap instead of liquid shampoo to nurture and clean your hair and scalp.
In the shower, make sure your hair is really wet then simply rub the solid soap into your hair and scalp to get a hearty lather.
Use One Village Neem soap regularly – instead of shampoo – to reduce and perhaps eliminate dandruff and unwelcome guests in the hair.

No need for conditioner
Hair «conditioner» is usually recommended to counter some of the harmful effects that your hair suffers from the chemicals in shampoo. But by using our chemical-free soap – instead of that commercial shampoo – conditioner becomes unnecessary.
Reduce your consumption of plastic bottles
(which are polluting the planet). Use our solid soap instead of liquid shampoo – we wrap our soap in hand made paper. Avoids plastic bottles!
Order neem soap now.

Try shaving with neem soap!
Neem soap might turn out to be the best shaving cream you have ever used. Wash the face with neem soap on the sponge, leave the soap's lather wet on your face then shave it off keeping your razor refreshed with hot water ~
Quick, clean, efficient.
(Any discomfort probably means it is time for a new blade.)
I bought this neem soap from a shop and have used it as a shampoo – and it is BRILLIANT!
It gets the hair literally squeaky clean and makes a superb lather. Please send me more."
– K C, Halifax

My hairdresser asked me why is your hair always so good. I told her, because I always wash with One Village soap.
– C B, Corfe Castle, Wareham

I love this soap. My skin is not itchy and my hair feels clean and wonderful."
– A G B, Elloughton, Yorkshire

Have used this soap for eczema on my hands and have had excellent results. It also makes the rest of my body feel lovely and worked a treat when I used it for washing my hair. It also put a stop to the midges biting me in the hot weather. I love the smell too!"
– L M R, Lincoln

I am re-ordering neem soap having purchased some for my daughter and myself. We are absolutely delighted: we both suffer with skin problems and have experienced a noticable improvement in a very short time. It is excellent."
– E M H, Brierley Hill

I love your neem soap, my whole family uses it and it's great for my son's eczema. We also wash our hair with it, and it's always left soft and shiny. I even use it to wash my dogs who have skin conditions and it keeps the fleas at bay. Such a great product."
– W L J, Macclesfield
Instead of relying on the smell (most probably artificial anyway), judge soap by its content!

Compare our ingredients with the soap you usually use. Expensive natural ingredients and careful construction results in seriously top-quality soaps consistent with ayurvedic principles. The difference is noticeable in the feel of the soap and the benefits the oils bring to the skin.

Unnatural chemicals, artificial scents and colourings, can all be absorbed by your skin – but these are totally excluded from our soap.

With 125grams per bar, the quantity is generous (125 grams = approx 4.4 ounces).

Wholesome contents are reflected in the extremely good-looking packs. The soap comes in an unusual shape, is contained in a butter paper sleeve then wrapped in hand made colour-coded textured paper.

No animal content.
Not tested on animals.


I have suffered from skin problems for the last 56 years. My doctors have prescribed antibiotic creams which are still prescribed. In the 60s they suggested sunlight/sunbathing would help but unfortunately I eventually suffered four skin cancers which surgery successfully removed but leaving minor scarring. Now in my seventies I cannot sunbathe at all. However, since finding One Village neem soap I have had a remarkable transformation. My wretched condition (rosacea) is so improved as to have changed my life and I know it is your neem soap which has brought about remarkable healing. Since using your neem soap my life is really transformed. So it is with heartfelt gratitude that I write to thank you."
– P V, Staple, Canterbury

Excellent soap...really softens the skin.
I will never go back to sickly sweet harsh chemical soaps."
– M H, Torquay

This is the best soap I have ever used!
It doesn't dry your skin. I keep buying it to give as small gifts for my best friends!"
– K S, Stockholm

Having nice soap is one of my indulgences – and this soap is very definitely a nice soap. The feel and texture of it is wonderful and the sandalwood scent is divine; I am ordering again."
– P T, Morpeth

This neem soap is lovely, so gentle and kind for my skin. It leaves my skin feeling supple. It also helps dry up the red/raw areas of skin and doesn't irritate my skin where it is cracked. I don't have to use prescribed emollients (sticky and rather foul smelling) when I wash with this neem soap. I love the earthy, wholesome smell. I couldn't go back to using any other soap."
– S L L, Edinburgh

One Village Soap
is a partnership with
Palam Rural Centre, South India.

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Sandalwood soap
Neem soap


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Thanks for making the best soap in the world!"
– D J H, Winchester

I really have to say that once yours has been experienced, nothing else qualifies as soap! Please let the makers know how much they are appreciated"
– D C, Doncaster

Coronation Street the favourite soap? – Not any more!"
– B J, Bolton

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Soapdish £10
with free delivery in UK

Soapdish #11862 £10
with free delivery in UK

Perfect for our soap. Neat and simple. Cut from soapstone (or more precisely, «gorara» stone). Smooth non-gloss finish.

Mottled natural stone in varied colours. Every one unique.



Barcode: 5060406888621

Toothbrush beaker, in stone, similar to our soapdish (but colour and natural mottling might be different).
90mm tall x 75mm Ø.
#11332 £9
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