I bought a hammock from you two years ago, and have scarcely bothered to work since!"
P H, Hayes

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What greater bliss
on a lazy summer afternoon
than a hammock?

Relax, go outside, and make the most
of the renewal this certainly brings
to body and mind.

The experience is priceless.
But to achieve it be sure to choose
your hammock with care.

All One Village hammocks are extremely well built,
which is the first essential for stress free enjoyment.
Wisdom is not to compromise on quality.

We suggest rope (from the hardware shop) to tie the hammock to the trees or other supports. No fancy fittings necessary! Please make sure that the supports from which you hang your hammock are sound, and that the hammock is securely fixed. For your safety, check fixings and condition of the hammock regularly. Avoid prolonged exposure to damp. Make sure your hammock is thoroughly dry before storing away in a dry place for winter. Take care for children! Beware of entanglement. Do not suspend over hazards such as water.
One person hammocks for relaxation purposes, not for play!

The fabulous
fabric hammock™
(Organic cotton)


Here we present the «Rolls-Royce» of hammocks, the best you can buy, for extreme comfort and delight.

Not the flimsy fabric sold by others – ours are seriously robust yarns finely woven (which means plenty of comfortable support).
Weight of these hammocks (including the bag): approx 2.3kg.

100% heavy-duty handloom cotton, 100% organic yarns, unbleached and not dyed. Comes complete in its own matching carrybag.

For greatest comfort, sleep diagonally across the hammock.

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100% organic cotton

Our fabulous hammock is extra luxurious size:
Approximate dimensions
3.5 metres from end of ring to end of ring.
Length of woven fabric 250cm.
Width 125cm.

The only result of greater or less distance between trees or other supports is a different shape for the hammock. You should not plan for the hammock to be stretched flat – the hammock needs to caress you. And don't forget that the shape will alter after climbing in! To bridge greater distance between trees, extend with the rope you use to fix the hammock.

Probably the very best hammocks in the world.

The fabulous
fabric hammock™
(Organic cotton)

02360 £100

Hand made for
in rural south India

Fabulous fabric hammock
(Organic cotton)

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Wish I'd found you earlier, having slogged up to Harrods and found an appalling selection of hammocks" – A W, London

Just to let you know I purchased your Rolls Royce of hammocks truly named: Quality, craftsmanship exactly as you described, but better – must be the most therapeutic & peaceful item known to man.... just letting the world go by for few hours. On the down side, I've had to purchase another one for my daughter!"
N J, Jarrow



International service:
Because of the weight and volume, shipping costs for sending hammocks outside UK usually make supply elsewhere unrealistic. But if you order, we will get a price for you – and you can then decide whether or not to go ahead.

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The rope hammock

Here's the archetypal rope hammock made better.
Easy enjoyment from a lower cost hammock with a list of features.
Consider this:

made from plaited first calibre jute rope
superior timber stretchers at both ends
fixing points reinforced with steel rings for extra security
made to generous proportions
includes draw string to form the rounded shape.
Please don't overtighten the draw string!

For added comfort, just add a duvet or throw.

Approximate dimensions:
3.5 metres from end to end.
Length of woven net between the stretchers 2.3M.
Width of stretchers 95cm.
Approx. weight 3kg

Rope hammock. 02383 £90

Hand made for in Bangladesh

Rope hammock


We've eventually found the hammock we want!!! Hooray."
S J A, Scunthorpe

Hammock arrived today and Exceeded Expectations. Thanks a million, as they say over here."
D J, County Wexford, Ireland

TOP Sitting hammock




Sitting hammock deluxe

A floating chair, hangs from a single anchorage point (so a hammock easier to install indoors as well as out).

Sit in one of these, let the hammock embrace you, and agree with us this is «suspended elation». The place for a good book!

Super cotton rope construction (with nicely finished wooden stretchers) and deluxe size for extra comfort.

This splendid deluxe hammock needs an overall height of about 4½-5M. The approximate height from top knot to bottom of seat is 380cm; maximum width 120cm.

Sitting hammock deluxe.
02373 £95
Sorry, our sitting hammock is sold out. More later.
Sitting hammock deluxe

Hand made for
in rural south India

Shipping charge to most UK addresses, only £3.50 per order.


Rope ladder. 02925 £45

Hand made for

in the Philippines

Rope ladder for the garden?

A robust rope ladder made of abaca rope (probably the strongest natural fibre suitable for rope making – actually what mariners most used before the arrival of polyesters). The eight rungs are bamboo, which weight-by-weight is stronger than steel. 2½ metres long; rungs 33cm wide. The rope forms a loop at the top for suspension.

Please make sure that the support from which you hang your ladder is sound, and that the ladder is securely fixed in the way shown on the drawing (right).
Take care for children! Beware of entanglement. Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Do not suspend over hazards such as water.
Check condition regularly.

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Fabric hammock
Rope hammock
Sitting hammock
Rope ladder

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