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  Our fragrances
can sooth
or invigorate;
relax or vitalize
your day....

Wonderful blends of natural essential oils
from flowers and plants
or natural wood resins


Aromatic oils have been preferred for centuries as the natural way to heighten the spirit, bring peace to the mind and calm to the nerves.

For home interiors, aromatic sticks with natural essential oils are considered the most effective and convenient way to circulate authentic fragrances.

There really is no need to spray your home with plug-in or aerosol chemicals ... or to use incense that is made from chemicals or dubious materials.

Instead, choose nature's incense:
Choose One Aromatics
Luxury room fragrances


Gorgeous fragrances to perfume the home.

Our aromatic incense sticks are hand made according to the traditional method – absolutely free from synthetics or animal substances, and not adulterated by the heavy carrier-agents so often used by others. Here we present incense made from nature's purest essential oils.


Ambrosia: Delicious natural scents from the resin of forest halmaddi trees enhanced by fine woody oils from the red cedar. Is our exclusive ambrosia «the elixir of life»?
One Aromatics Ambrosia incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12631
Ambrosia barcode: 5060406886313
Cedarwood: Clears the head and refreshes the body. Fine powder extracts from the tree, combined with dry flowers and natural oils.
One Aromatics Cedarwood incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12632
Cedarwood barcode: 5060406886320

Frankincense: Hearty blending of wood resins and powders, a measured quantity of sandal and other essential oils, produces this celebratory incense for meditation and concentration.
One Aromatics Frankincense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12633
Frankincense barcode: 5060406886337
Jasmine: A rich and purifying fragrance from the classical night-blooming flower: a warm and exotic escape from anxiety.
One Aromatics Jasmine incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12634
Jasmine barcode: 5060406886344

Lavender: Harmonizing and relaxing; restorative and soothing. Distilled fresh lavender delicately enhanced with other comforting oils.
One Aromatics Lavender incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12635
Lavender barcode: 5060406886351

Lotus: Eastern wisdoms suggest the lotus provokes enlightenment and with that peace. Pure lotus oil offers us this pleasing and inspirational fragrance.
One Aromatics Lotus incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12636
Lotus barcode: 5060406886368
Musk: The «earth» perfume, made from a pure and healing blend of natural plant oils.
One Aromatics Musk incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12637
Musk barcode: 5060406886375

Orange: Pressed peel of the fruit.
A light and refreshing fragrance for comfort and for peace.
One Aromatics Orange incense,
envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12638
Orange barcode: 5060406886382
Patchouli: Oil distilled from a fragrant herb: a fragrance said to be an antidepressant; stimulating and arousing. A favourite in India.
One Aromatics Patchouli incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12639
Patchouli barcode: 5060406886399

Rose: Alluring and extravagant, some say this is the scent of angels.
One Aromatics Rose incense,
envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12640
Rose barcode: 5060406886405
Sandalwood: Pure rolled sandalwood powder and the finest sandalwood oil, to purify and invigorate body and mind.
One Aromatics Sandalwood incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12641
Sandalwood barcode: 5060406886412

Spring blossom: All the delightful innocence of Spring and new beginnings.
One Aromatics Spring blossom incense,
envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12642
Spring blossom barcode: 5060406886429

Online offer:
£16 for 12 envelopes, 12 sticks in each,
with free postage in UK
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3 alternative fragrances (by special request):
(To request any of these alternatives to replace others as part of your 12 envelopes online order, click the ADD button below – then type your choice as a special request in the «Special instructions» box when you reach the final checkout. Your choice is then to have from this list instead of one or more fragrances in the standard assortment.)

Lemongrass: Earthy fragrance from the leaves chosen to calm tension and clarify the mind. Also used as an insect repellent.
One Aromatics Lemongrass incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12646
Lemongrass barcode: 5060406886467

Opium (Papaver): The aromatic benefits of the oriental plant re-created here with the help of geranium and lily oils. A fragrance that is soothing and encouraging.
One Aromatics Opium incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12648
Opium barcode: 5060406886481

Vanilla: Essence from the pods combined with oil from the sandalwood to produce a fragrance that is wonderfully calming, consoling, and soothing. A great relief in tense or stressful situations.
One Aromatics Vanilla incense, envelope of 12 incense sticks: article #12649
Vanilla barcode: 5060406886498





For holders,


Delightful fragrances, each packaged in a distinct colour envelope of hand made paper.

Inside each envelope are twelve 20cm sticks: always contained in a re-sealable pouch and, where appropriate, also wrapped in butter paper.

Our aromatic sticks are hand made according to the traditional method – absolutely free from synthetics or animal substances, and not adulterated by the heavy carrier-agents so often used by others.

An enhancement to the original formula helps maintain the freshness and the way the fragrance is carried into the air. Meticulous care shows in the exemplary quality of this product.

Purest scents for the home. All natural ingredients.
100% vegetarian; 100% vegan

Please take care to blow out the flame, be aware that incense is hot when burning, and take care that residues of ash do not burn or fall and damage surfaces such as wood, textiles, carpet. Our wide incense holder made of stone can help to avoid this.


One Aromatics incense comes from an artisans' society in a village within Auroville, southern India. Part of the earnings from the incense supports village schools.


Our incense: 12 delightful fragrances
Our incense: 12 delightful fragrances


Where to get these aromas....
Look for the distinctive One Aromatics envelopes at stockists throughout the UK.

If you can't find this incense locally,
here's a special online offer:
for a parcel of twelve different fragrances,
12 sticks of each, with free postage to any UK/Europe address
(article #12630: Ambrosia, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Lotus, Musk, Orange, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Spring blossom. But see below for your own choice special assortments.)
For 12 envelopes, each with 12
One Aromatics incense sticks
(total 144 sticks), please click here:
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with free UK/Europe postage
One Aromatics
12 envelopes

Your own choice:
If instead of 12 different fragrances you prefer your own combination of 12 envelopes (or even 12 all the same)....
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Use this system also to order Lemongrass, Opium or Vanilla.

Also from
One Aromatics:

Aromatic sachets.
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the information.


Please use the ordering button above for all European destinations (including UK!).

For dispatch to destinations outside Europe, the price for each parcel of 12 envelopes, including postage, is GBP30. Please use this button to order for any international destination outside Europe.

Prices include international postage but be aware Customs outside UK might ask you to pay import duty and VAT. You might also be charged for import processing.

One Aromatics
12 envelopes

International orders are dispatched by ordinary airmail at the risk of the recipient and this service is not recommended for those countries with unreliable domestic postal systems.

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The fragrances

Please be careful: avoid other brands that use artificial scents, synthetic chemical compounds, or animal fats. – Choose One Aromatics, incense made with pure essential oils and wood resins.



"My local incense shop ran out of my usual brand, so I bought a packet of One Aromatics instead – and have never looked back!
My yoga teacher also swears by it
and burns it in class."
– K M, Elgin.

"Best incense in the world!"
– H R R, Kópavogur, Iceland.

"Thank you for the wonderful incense. It is the best patchouli Fliss and I have ever tried (and we've tried hundreds!)."
– R R, Isle of Rum.
"Your sandalwood incense is absolutely amazing!"
– J B, Lewis.

"I have never found a better incense."
– E I, Orpington.

"I have received my order for incense sticks this morning. Both the speed of service and quality of the product are excellent. I like good quality incense sticks but find many of the big brand ones to be poor, harsh and unsubtle. These ones fill the room with a delightful fragrance minus the chimney fire type lingering smell often found with the S******** **y brand etc.
Thanks again." – P B, Cheshire.

"Your incenses are the best in the world!"
– A S, Ulm, Germany.
"Have used your incense for years: it's fantastic!"
– N M, Linlithgow.

"I used to buy from a shop in Leeds –
now sadly closed to make a food hall.
But couldn't do without the Top Fragrances."
– M I, Batley.

"Thank you for your beautiful incense sticks. There are none to compare with these!"
– L R, Isle of Wight.
"Great product, lovely fragrances. Very calming!"
– S G, Colchester.

"I regard you as cracking good value
and the kinda outfit I wanna buy off!"
– D V B, Petersfield

Also from
One Aromatics:

Aromatic sachets.
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the information.



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